How does it work?

   You will receive a ‘’Member Code’’ and our bank details through your email after the registration process has been completed.

   After you have received our bank account details you can transfer from your UK account into our account by either Internet/Online Banking, Telephone Banking or at Bank Counter at your nearest branch, and then let us know how much you transferred to us and let us know your bank details.

   We will know immediately that the money is your money by checking the amount and bank details you provided. Once we checked the details and they are matched with your records we will transfer the money into your beneficiary account and will send you a payment confirmation.

How to order your payment?

1. Contact us on during our opening hours to order your payment. There you will have to provide us with the amount you wish to transfer and the beneficiary account details.

2. One of our kind Customer Service Team members will confirm the exchange rate, transfer fee, total amount and how much you will receive at the destination.

3 easy ways of money transfer

1.Bank Transfer Transfer from your nearest or local bank

   You can make a payment to us by transferring the fund to our account at your bank counter or in branch. Just let your bank know our account details and how much you wish to transfer.

Transfer via Online/Internet/Mobile Banking

   If visiting your bank is inconvenient for you, you still can transfer the fund to us by electronic banking like online, internet or mobile banking. Just log in to your account the payment to us.

Transfer via Telephone Banking

   If visiting your bank or electronic banking is still inconvenient for you, don’t worry we have another solution. You can call your bank and transfer the fund via Telephone Banking. It is as easy as pie, just call your bank to let them know what you would like to do and provide them with relevant information.

2.Debit/ Credit Card Transfer

   If all the above methods are still unmanageable we have what we called the best and popular way of transferring money to us – it is Card Payment. You can transfer your fund to us by your bank debit or credit card. All you need to do is simply let us know the type of card, read out the long card number, expiry date and the 3-digits security number to us (just like what we used to do when ordering takeaways). We will then take the money from your card and transfer it across to Thailand for you. Fees start from 2% from the total transfer amount.

Debit Card : Fees are the same as Bank Transfer. It starts from £2 and stops at £25 if you transfer £2,000 or more.

Credit Card : Fee is at £3.50 per each £100 from the first £1-£800 then 3.5% of the transfer amount for £800 or more.

3.Cash 2 special choices

1. Visit our office You can bring cash to our office and get the cheapest transfer fee. We will only charge 0.5% from the total transfer amount if you transfer £10,000 or more and 1% if the amount is less than £10,000.

2. Cash Collection Service We are pleased to offer cash collection service where we will go to collect your money from anywhere within 15 miles radius from our office. The transfer amount need to be over £5,000 and the fee is at flat rate of 2%. **Please contact us directly if you are not too sure which method to transfer your money, we will find a suitable solution that suits you best**


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