Member Benefits

   To meet customers’ needs at our ‘‘best’’ in money transfer, we have developed the system that can be answered and to meet the demands of our customers. Our membership benefits can be shared and used with all members without having to be categorised as Member or Agent.

Here are the benefits:

1. A ‘‘Free Transfer’’ service on us after your registration has been completed. The Free Transfer service can be kept to use as a transfer fee at any time with no limit of transfer amount. Just let one of your team members know that you wish to use the Free Transfer.

2. Fees start from £2 (Except transactions that being made to Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives or Tor Kor Sor, the fees start from £4).

3. Flat fee of only £15 if you transfer £1,000 or more via ‘‘Bank Transfer’’.

4. Optional ‘’Reward Rate’’ if you transfer £5,000 or more and pay 1% fee from the total transfer amount e.g. £5,000 + £50 and £10,000 + £100.

5. The exchange rate will be fixed on the day you order your payment, so you don’t have to worry whether the rate will go up or down.

6. ‘‘Fast Track’’ service – receive your money in just one hour after 12.00pm. (Total transfer fee will be more than usual depending on the transfer amount).

7. Order your payment via Debit/Credit from anywhere around the world. Just read out the card details to us over the phone (like when you order takeaway) or Application on your phone or via our website

Debit Card : Fees are the same as Bank Transfer, with fees start from £2 to the maximum of £25 when you transfer £2,000 or more. Credit Card : Fee is at £3.50 per each £100 for the first £1-£800 then 3.5% from the total transfer amount if transfer £800 or more.

8. We offer ‘‘Cash In’’ service where you can drop your cash at our office and ‘‘Cash Collection’’ service where we will go to collect your cash from your premises. Cash In fee is at 0.5% of the total amount transfer for £10,000 or more and 1% if you transfer between £3,000-£10,000. Cash Collection fee is at 2% (within 15 miles radius).

9. ‘’Free Club’’ free transfer service by Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit card or Cash without limit on the transfer amount. The exchange rate will drop from the normal rate depending on the method of payments, and they are as: - Bank Transfer -1.5 Baht, Debit Card -2.00 Baht and Credit Card 2.50 Baht. For example if the rate is 45.00 and you wish to transfer by Debit Card and would like to use ‘‘Free Club’’ the rate you will receive is 43.00. It is like switching the person who pays for the transfer fee from the sender to the receiver.

10. Order your payment, receive news update, check daily exchange rate from our AB Money App from your Smart Phone and Tablet.

11. Receive daily exchange rate and important financial news and updates directly through your email so that you can keep a track on the financial market.

12. ‘‘Payment confirmation’’ you will automatically receive a Text Message to your mobile confirming the details of your order and an Email confirmation will be sent to your inbox once the money has been transferred.

Bank Transfer

   If you transfer before 3.00pm (UK time) your money will be in Thailand the next day, but if you transfer after 5.00pm the money will arrive in Thailand the day after. For more information, please contact 0203-355-9660 or check the daily exchange rate / transfer fees / order your payment at


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