Who are we?

   We are a private company with the permission from HM Treasury to do cross-border financial services and fully regulated by FCA, or another name a ‘FX Broker Company’ We are a specialist in selling-buying foreign currencies to Thai Baht hence we were praised to be FX Broker Specialist in Thai Baht.

   We are the first Thai owned payment services company in the UK and fully operated by Thai people with the permission from HM Treasury and FCA (Financial Services Authority). We are operated under Money Remittance licence : https://register.fca.org.uk/ShPo_FirmDetailsPage?id=001b000001HiyR6AAJ License number 716949 and MLR (Money Laundering Regulations) from HM Revenue & Custom of the United Kingdom No: 12570247

   A&B General (UK) Limited (Trading Name: ABFX) or commonly known as ‘’A&B Money’’ founded in 2009 from A&B General Group Ltd in Thailad with the transactions being dealt with and linked to 3 main state enterprises’ banks in Thailand. We send money directly to your designated beneficiary account with maximum security up to major high street bank standard and in our own language. All payment orders and transactions are connected to our banks in the UK/ Europe and Thailand.

   In 2013 we expanded to Chicago, Illinois in the USA and succeeded with FinCen international money transfer license. And in 2016 we upgraded our licence with FCA in the UK to operate FX transactions in 31 countries in Europe. We become a leading Thai money transfer company with the sending value of more than 4 billion Baht per year. The company grows an average of around 30-45% every year which is astonishingly high.

What exchange rate do we offer?

   Usually we offer Onshore Rate or real exchange rate in Thailand which typically higher than Offshore Rate from most money transfer shops and even high street banks. All exchange rates will be set up at 9.00am every morning and we will fix the rate for customers throughout the day. You will receive the money exactly the amount we inform you on the day plus there will be no additional charge at the destination. For a larger sum of money from business customers or for high-value purchases, such as car, homes with a premium of 5,000 pounds/euros or 150,000 Swedish kronor, we offer a higher rate than the bank called Reward Rate.

How much is the fee?

   The fees start from just £/ €2 per each 100 for the first 1-800 (i.e. 100+2, 200+4 and 300+6) then a fixed £/ €15 for the amount of 800-1,000. For more information please call us to discuss the exact fee on 0203-355-9660 from Monday-Saturday 9.30am-5.00pm or visit our Fees section on our website https://abmoney.de/ab-fee

Is there a Transfer Limit?

   No, there is no transfer limit. You can transfer any amount from £/ €1.

How long does it take?

   You will receive the money in Thailand on the same day if you use Fast Track service or receive the money the next working day. For example, if you transfer on Monday you will get Monday rate and the money will be in Thailand on Tuesday; if you transfer on Saturday you will get Friday rate and the money will be in Thailand on the following Monday.

How to register to become a member?

Under the KYC procedures of HM Treasury and standard bank regulations you must have the following:

1. Prove of Identity i.e. Passport or Driving Licence

2. Prove of Address i.e. Utility Bills, Bank Statement, Council Tax Bills or other document that issued by a government agency/ organisation.

3. Current photo is a photo of you. Please make us that it is taken recently without wearing sunglass or headwear. You can register to become our member via our website https://abmoney.de/ab-money-register-form Please make sure that you enter all required fields on the application.

How do we transfer your money?

   You will receive our bank details automatically via mail once you registered with us.

You can send money with us in 3 different ways

1. Bank Transfer 1) Internet banking from you UK account and other 32 countries in Europe. 2) Telephone banking 3) Branch/ counter banking *Please make sure that you state your membership number as a transaction reference and keep all the slip and important document with you until the money has been transferred to Thailand.

2. Debit/ Credit Card Transfer

1) You can transfer your fund to us by your bank debit or credit card. All you need to do is simply let us know the type of card, read out the long card number, expiry date and the 3-digits security number to us (just like what we used to do when ordering takeaways) and we will take the money for you.

2) Order your payment via our website www.ab-money.co.uk for Pound Sterling and www.abmoney.de for Euro just like you shopping online.

3. Cash You can bring cash to our office and get the cheapest transfer fee. We will only charge 0.5% from the total transfer amount if you transfer £10,000 or more and 1% if the amount is less than £10,000. Plus you will receive the money in Thailand the following day too.

What are the Special Benefits for A&B Member?

  Once you have become our member you will receive many special benefits from us as below :

- 1 x Free First Service Transfer (This permission is available to use at any time)

- If you recommend us to a friend and once they have registered. You will receive a free transfer based on the number of referrals. Please make sure that you let them know your membership number as they need to enter on the ‘’how did you hear about us?’’ section on the application form on our website. - Fees start from £ /€2 for the first 1-100.

- Fees stop at £/€15 for the amount over 1,000 - Risk free as we offer a ‘’Fixed Rate’’ meaning you will received the exact rate that shown on our website on that day you made your order. - Receive money in just 2 hours after 12.00pm if you order your payment using Fast Track Service. - Easy and Secure payment by Debit or Credit Card via www.ab-money.co.uk / www.abmoney.de for Euro or Application on smart phone.

- Cash services – 1) Visit our office and get the cheapest transfer fee. We will only charge 0.5% from the total transfer amount if you transfer £10,000 or more and 1% if the amount is less than £10,000. 2) Cash Collection Service where we will go to collect your money from anywhere within 15 miles radius from our office. The transfer amount need to be over £5,000 and the fee is at flat rate of 2%.

- Order your payment and check daily exchange rates by your smart phone/ tablet. - Receive financial and currency news and updates straight to your email.

- Payment confirmation receipt to your mailbox.

Will there be a confirmation / evidence of sending money? And what will be the guarantor if the money is not in Thailand?    

  After you have order your payment with us you will automatically receive an email confirmation before 5.00pm on the day stating the exchange rate, the amount transferred and the amount that you will receive in Thailand aswell as beneficiary account details.    If the money hasn’t arrived in Thailand, we will issue you with an ‘’International Issue Payment’’ and you can quote the reference number with your bank and they will be able to allocate the transaction. If the money hasn’t arrived appeared on your account in Thailand after providing the International Issue Payment reference, you need to obtain a ‘’Transaction Approve’’ certificate from your bank in Thailand and we will refund you in full. If we don’t refund you within 15 working days you can contact Financial Ombudsman under HM Treasury to receive your refund. *P.S. Payment Confirmation will only be sent to A&B members.

How to use the service?

   Please call us on 0203-355-9660 if you are in the UK and 0800-724-3923 if you are in Germany from Monday to Saturday, 9.30am to 5.00pm (UK time). When you order your payment, you need to let us know the beneficially details such as Bank Name, Account Number, Account Name, Branch Name and Province when the account opened from. More information can be found on: www.ab-money.co.uk / www.abmoney.de


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